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We are currently accepting grant proposals by invitation only. Please reach out to program staff, via the Contact section under the Act button on the homepage, to learn more about a specific funding area. Cambia Health Founation staff will help you with any specific questions about alignment with our funding priorities and strategies.

The 2017 Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program is currently closed. We will post information about future opportunities for 2018 in October of this year.

Grant Writing Tips

  • Start early!  Our grant making is strategic and often includes conversations and learning before a decision is made to submit an application.
  • "Know” the funder…do your homework…understand what interests and motivates the funder.
  • Read through all materials before beginning to write.  The application process is on-line, but we can provide a list of the questions you can expect during the process.
  • Work with a team...get diverse people involved…talk out the plans.
  • Ask questions.
  • Be positive, proactive and realistic.
  • Follow the “4 C’s” – be clear, consistent, concise and creative.
  • Avoid acronyms and “lingo” – a grant application often serves as an education opportunity for the audience.
  • Have someone who was not involved in preparing the proposal, or who is not familiar with your organization and/or program read the application and provide feedback.

We hope you find these tips useful whether developing a proposal for Cambia Health Foundation or any other funder.