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New for 2018! 

Funding Opportunities in Building Resilience in Children and Healthy People, Healthy Communities.


Building Resilience in Children

We invest in initiatives that build resilience in children and buffer against the negative health consequences of trauma and toxic stress.  For example, when children build protective relationships with caring adults and develop crucial coping skills, they are better equipped to mitigate trauma and tip the scales toward more positive health behaviors and outcomes.

Healthy People, Healthy Communities

We will partner with organizations that have a clear view of how they will change the way people experience health care, across both urban and rural environments.  We embrace a comprehensive view of health and seek to inspire hope for people who are underserved.  Strategic focus areas inclue achieving seamless integrated care, meaningful patient and consumer engagement in achieving health goals, and the strategic consideration of social determinants of health in health care services.

Please review the Request for Proposals (RFP). This packet contains additional information about our strategic funding priorities and details about the application process.  Grant funding in these focus areas will be done through a two-stage process.  The first stage is open and we encorage applications from organizations with ideas and strategies in strong alignment with our strategic priorities.  The second stage is by invitation only. 

NOTE:  Organizations are only eligible to submit one application in one of the focus areas.     

Any additional 2018 funding opportunities that may become available, including our Sojourns® program, will be communicated and posted on our website.

Thank you for your interest in Cambia Health Foundation.

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