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Transforming Health Care is focused on improving the quality of care and creating an economically sustainable health care system through two strategic funding areas: 

1.  Explore innovative models of care delivery and provider reimbursement that promote patient activation and a focus on outcomes.  

Theory of Change 

Innovative models of health care will improve quality, reduce costs over the long term and promote economic sustainability through: 
  • Integrating physical, behavioral and oral health components to create a continuum of primary and preventive care. 
  • Piloting or expanding alternative payment or reimbursement methods that address quality and cost.
  • Promoting active consumer engagement utilizing emerging technologies and other tools.
  • Implementing patient-centered models of care that promote team-based approaches to providing services.
  • Using data-driven strategies to increase health equity by decreasing health disparities.
  • Providing health care consumers with accurate and timely information they need to make sound health care decisions based on quality and cost.
  • Advancing health equity for low-income and underserved populations.     

Funding Focus
Cambia Health Foundation is committed to supporting safety net providers, to help ensure everyone has access to high-quality affordable care.  Safety net providers are organizations or entities that have a high proportion of consumers covered by Medicaid, other low-income supporting programs and/or the uninsured.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, community health centers, primary care components of county or publically supported hospitals, rural health centers and community funded safety net clinics.  

2.  Support collaborative groups that engage in proactive responses to health reform efforts at national, state and local levels.

Theory of Change 

Communities are important catalysts for change and play a crucial role in successfully implementing health reform through:
  • Bringing together diverse stakeholders focused on collective impact. 
  • Integrating community infrastructure needed for successful health reform implementation.
  • Expanding visionary leadership capabilities to guide system change efforts.
  • Testing and piloting promising best practices that transforming the delivery and financing of health care. 

Funding Focus      
Cambia Health Foundation is interested in supporting the work of consortia, health coalitions, collaborative work groups and networks.  The group should have diverse community-based membership across multiple sectors in at least one of our areas of service.      

Guidelines and Criteria

This information is intended to provide a framework for the strategies and priorities in the Transforming Health Care funding track.  Grant request amounts vary, but generally range up to $50,000 or up to $100,000 per year with multi-year funding considered.  Request amounts should be reflective of the size and scope of both the project and the organization.  In order to be competitive in the application process, all projects should include:
  • Support from the organization’s leadership. 
  • Alignment between the organization’s core mission and the proposed project. 
  • Well-defined project goals and measurable objectives. 
  • An evaluation plan that includes measurement tools and techniques.
  • A plan to communicate outcomes and lessons learned to appropriate audiences.  
  • Diverse or potentially diverse funding sources and sustainability plans.  


  • Applicant organizations must be a nonprofit (501c3) or public entity. 
  • Projects should focus on benefiting residents and communities in our Oregon, Washington, Utah and/or Idaho service areas.

Contact Us

Although we do accept unsolicited proposals through an on-line application that starts with a letter of inquiry, potential applicants are highly encouraged to contact foundation staff  to help determine if there is a potential fit with our strategies and priorities.  

Are We a Potential Fit? 

When you feel you have a working knowledge of our priorities and focus in supporting the transformation of health care, ask yourself the following questions about your project:
  • Does the work enable more consumers to become active participants in achieving health outcomes and have access to empowering products or services? 
  • Will the cost of the product or service be lower than existing solutions or interventions?
  • How does the project systemically transform health or health care by focusing on greater simplicity and lower costs through a diverse mix of providers and emerging best practices? 
  • Will the change that takes place improve the convenience of services to more informed consumers?
  • Is there or will there be a clear financing plan in place to support and sustain the changes?
  • Does the project contribute to improving population health and/or increasing health equity within the defined community? 

Although what you have in mind is likely innovative and transformational in its own right, this funding may not be the right fit for your work or project.  We recommend the following reading and resources that have helped inform our work in these areas: 
  1. Community-Centered Health Homes:  Bridging the gap between health services and community prevention
  2. Collective Impact 
  3. Realigning Health with Care
  4. Ensuring Equity:  A Post-Reform Framework to Achieve High Performance Health Care for Vulnerable Populations
  5. The Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care:  Lessons from the Field 

How to Apply

Please visit our Grant Application Center

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