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Strategic Focus
We are in a time of a complete transformation of how, where, and who experiences health care.  Cambia Health Foundation is committed to partnering with visionary innovators to create a high quality and affordable health care system that empowers everyone to optimum health. 
For underserved and economically poor populations, we believe there will be an acceleration of health “IN” different locations:  health services IN transformed primary care health centers, IN affordable housing developments, IN communities, IN schools, IN worksites, IN the use of technology with fully INtegrated services.  The cornerstone of this movement:  patient and consumer engagement.
Three strategic priority areas guide our work to design high quality and economically sustainable systems of care:

  1. Transparency, Consumer Engagement, and Care Management:including coordinated, integrated and consumer patient driven care plans combined with tracking better health outcomes.    
  2. Improving Quality and Reducing Cost:focus on integrated care and prevention including financing reform and alternative payment methods to fund emerging models of care.
  3. Regional Health Networks Delivering Innovative Strategies:focus on including innovative use of telehealth and other E-health strategies with potential to help achieve greater health equity.  
Trends and factors that are informing and influencing the Transforming Health Care funding program include: 
  • Technology supporting the rise of the ePatient and eConsumer digital tools, increased focus on behavior, and need for cultural proficiency of service providers within all domains of the health system. 
  • A newly defined primary health care center with innovative partnerships and emerging models of care.
  • Leaders at all levels seeing individuals and their families as partners in care and decisions, reorganizing and integrating services to align with new payment models, recognizing   the value of diverse stakeholders in creating change and improvements.
  • Robust efforts to streamline and improve care through patient-centered and integrated models will continue to gain momentum. 
  • The need to recognize, understand, and serve an increasingly diverse customer base.
  • Emerging financing models, scalability and how not for profits are taking advantage of new partnerships and leading change.    
  • Important questions about ethics, privacy issues, and an emerging digital health divide and how they will be addressed to support a new platform of where and how health services are delivered.
  • Impact of Health Insurance Exchanges:  increased consumer messaging beyond enrollment with attention to factors impacting choices that will push beyond premium price points.

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