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2014 Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program

Cambia Health Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program, a new initiative designed to identify, cultivate and advance the next generation of palliative care leaders. The program seeks to support outstanding emerging faculty and clinicians by investing in their professional development. Sojourns Scholars receive $180,000 in funding to conduct an innovative impactful clinical, research, education or policy project in the field of palliative care.

The Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program will leverage the previous success of the Sojourns Awards, a regional program designed to recognize established leaders in the field of palliative care. The Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program will have a national footprint and focus on cultivating emerging palliative care leaders. To learn more about our previous program visit the Sojourns Awards Program page. The new program will have a national focus with the following goals and components.

Goals of Program

  • Identify outstanding emerging faculty and clinicians who are committed to improving access, knowledge, and quality of palliative care.
  • Invest in their professional development, enabling them to use their expertise and influence to create system and policy changes in palliative care.
  • Develop the professional visibility and advance the clinical expertise of the Sojourns Scholars, enhancing their ability to bring innovation and leadership to their organizations.

Program Components
  • A clinical, research, educational, policy or advocacy project carried out at the individual’s institution.
  • An individualized professional development plan to enhance the Sojourns Scholar effectiveness as a leader.
  • Annual Sojourns Scholar Leadership Conference.


  • The program will support up to six Sojourns Scholars a year.
  • Nurses: Board certification by the National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses preferred must be two years post Masters.
  • Physicians: Board certification in Hospice and Palliative Medicine preferred must be at least two years out of training.
  • Applicants must demonstrate a clear commitment to palliative care.
  • Each Sojourns Scholar will be awarded a two-year grant of $90,000 per year to carry out a clinical, research, educational, policy or advocacy project.
  • The applicant’s home institution will be required to submit a letter signed by a director confirming that 50% of the applicant’s time will be dedicated to the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program.

Advisory Committee

  • Chair - Steve Pantilat, MD, FAAHPM, SFHM, University of California at San Francisco
  • Diane Meier, MD, Center to Advance Palliative Care
  • Betty Ferrell, PhD, M.A., F.A.A.N., F.P.C.N., City of Hope
  • Randy Curtis, MD, M.P.H, University of Washington Palliative Care Center of Excellence
  • Patricia Davidson, PhD, MEd, FAAN, Dean, John Hopkins School of Nursing

Application Process

Required Dates

  • A one-day site visit to the applicant’s workplace or in-person interviews in Portland, Oregon will be scheduled, between April 21st and May 23rd.
  • All applicants must be available for the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Conference from September 30 – October 2, 2014 in Portland, Oregon. Travel costs will be paid by Cambia Health Foundation.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The external Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Cambia Health Foundation board of directors for final selection. Factors for consideration in the evaluation process will include:
  • Demonstrated commitment to improving and expanding palliative care policy, clinical care leadership, education and research.
  • Leadership potential, demonstrated leadership capacity, commitment to both self-directed and peer learning and a strong track record reflecting positions of increasing leadership responsibility.
  • Potential for future accomplishments and ability to influence the field.
  • Project’s goals and objectives and the project’s potential to advance palliative care program innovations including impact, sustainability, evaluation and dissemination.
  • Potential impact of project on the applicant’s career trajectory.
  • Proposed budget and how it reflects the organization’s commitment to palliative care and the further leadership development of the potential Sojourns Scholar candidate.
  • The home institution’s level of support and time for the applicant’s participation in the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program and the importance of the proposed project to its institution’s mission and strategic direction.
  • Completeness of the overall application, supporting letters, budget and attachments and how they demonstrate the applicant’s writing ability and reasoning.

Required Attachments

  • A current CV that includes a full list of teaching experience and activities, clinical responsibilities, external activities, other significant scholarships, and publications.
  • A total of four letters:    
  1. A letter signed by a director confirming that 50% of the applicant’s time will be dedicated to the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program. The letter should include institutional support for the applicant’s current and future role in the department and institution, outlining institutional resources (administrative support, computer availability, etc.), and describe the institution’s plans for integrating and using the expertise and experience gained by the Scholar through this program.
  2. Letter of support from a colleague.
  3. Letter of support from a local mentor describing their role in supporting the applicant’s project and professional development and the applicants experience and potential for leadership locally and in the field of palliative care.
  4. A letter of support from someone outside the applicant’s organization describing the applicant’s experience with and potential for leadership in palliative care.
  • A proposed two-year budget of $90,000 per year for your Sojourns Scholar Leadership project. Applicants must use the Foundation's budget template which can be downloaded here. Budget should state applicant’s current total salary including benefits. The award total includes direct costs, and may include indirect costs, not to exceed 10% of the direct cost, the total amount of each award may not exceed $90,000 each year. The indirect amount must be included and not in addition. The second year of funding award will be made based on year one satisfactory progress reports, financial reports and participation.
  • A maximum of five articles or other written materials. For example; teaching cases, selected chapter(s) from a book or manuscript that illustrates the applicant’s contribution to palliative care policies and protocols, white papers, and reports.
  • A brief statement confirming that if selected for the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program the candidate is committed to attend a three-day Sojourns Scholar Leadership Conference in Portland, Oregon on September 30, October 1 and 2, 2014. Cambia Health Foundation will arrange travel, hotels and meals. The costs associated with the summit will be covered by the Foundation.

Contact Information

Sojourns Scholar Contact List

  • If you would like to be added to the contact list for the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program please fill out the form below.


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