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02 November 2017

Avoiding Cultural Assumptions in Palliative Care: An Interview with Two Sojourns Scholars

While more people are living longer, healthier lives in the U.S., that also means there will be more people living with serious illness as they age. This dramatic rise in a retiring generation has led to an increased demand for palliative care experts who can help patients living with serious illness improve their quality of life.

An aging population isn’t the only issue that impacts palliative care – just as important are issues related to cultural background and race. Two Cambia Health Foundation Sojourns Scholars, Dr. Justin Sanders, from the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center, and Dr. Dulce Cruz, from Johns Hopkins, spoke about their roles as palliative care providers in a recent episode of the HealthChangers podcast titled “Avoiding Cultural Assumptions in Palliative Care - An Interview with Two Sojourns Scholars.” As Dr. Cruz commented, “Cultural beliefs influence the way family members and patients make decisions.”

In this podcast, Dr. Sanders and Dr. Cruz share insights about how cultural background and race play a role in the needs of patients and families navigating serious illness.