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Palliative care is deeply personal and fundamentally rooted in respect for human life.  Cambia Health Foundation is committed to improving access to high-quality palliative care across the national, including our region throughout Oregon, Washington, Utah and Idaho.  The Foundation seeks strategic partnerships that will advance patient-centered, effective palliative care that improves quality of life by addressing the physical, intellectual, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of patients and their families.

Focus Areas

The foundation’s three key funding priorities are:

Improve the quality of palliative care through workforce development. 

Increase access to community-based palliative care across our region. Promote innovative strategies to deliver palliative care in outpatient and all other community settings, especially in rural areas.

Promote patients’, families’ and caregivers understanding of palliative care to drive demand and create awareness.

Guidelines and Criteria

This information is intended to provide a framework for the strategies and priorities in the Sojourns regional grants funding track. Grant request amounts vary based on specific areas of focus.  Request amounts should be reflective of the size and scope of both the project and the organization. In order to be competitive in the application process, all projects should include:

  • Support from the organization’s leadership.
  • Alignment between the organization’s core mission and the proposed project.
  • Well-defined project goals and measurable objectives.
  • An evaluation plan that includes measurement tools and techniques.
  • A plan to communicate outcomes and lessons learned to appropriate audiences.
  • Diverse or potentially diverse funding sources and sustainability plans.

Interested applicants are highly encouraged to contact foundation staff to help determine if there is a potential fit with the foundation's strategies and priorities. Please visit the contact page to connect with Foundation Staff.


  • Applicant organizations must be a nonprofit (501c3) or public entity and located in the four state region (Idaho, Utah, Washington or Oregon). National organizations are eligible to apply for regional grant opportunities, but the project intent must be focused on one or more of the four states within the foundation’s region.
  • Non-profit hospitals and other community-based healthcare organizations are eligible.

How to Apply

Please visit our grant application center.

Sojourns Scholars Leadership Program 

The Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program is an initiative designed to identify, cultivate and advance the next generation of palliative care leaders. The program seeks to support outstanding nurse and physician emerging leaders by investing in their professional development. To learn about our national annual awards program please visit the Sojourns Awards Program page.

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