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Breast Cancer Navigator Program in Washington

Puget Sound Health Alliance in Washingto

The mission of the Puget Sound Health Alliance is to build a strong partnership among patients, doctors, hospitals, employers and health plans to promote health and improve the quality and affordability of health care services.

In January 2008, the Puget Sound Health Alliance published “Community Checkup,” its first report measuring ambulatory care. Since then, several clinics in the region have used the Checkup to guide their overall quality improvement efforts.

With a $50,000 grant from The Cambia Health Foundation, the Alliance is developing a secure web portal to the performance data in the Checkup, as well as results from future Checkups. Accessible and updateable 24 hours a day, this portal will provide member clinics with immediate access to data intended to drive improvements in the quality of patient care.

Breast Cancer Navigator Program in Pierce County, Washington

For over four years, the Breast Cancer Navigator Program has helped reduce the risk of terminal breast cancer in female minorities. Yet there was only limited outreach to Latina women, who are less likely to participate in breast cancer screenings (according to Susan G. Komen Foundation). After applying for a grant from The Cambia Health Foundation, the organization received a $31,100 grant that enabled them to launch a program specifically for Latinas.

The Breast Cancer Navigator Program provides language-appropriate outreach, education and one-on-one assistance from trained female navigators from women’s own cultures. With the Foundation’s assistance the Program is able to reach an estimated 750 Latina women, in addition to the Asian, Pacific Islander and African American women already served by the program. Each navigator receives extensive training about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as the financial, medical and supportive resources available in the community to help minority women in need.