Evaluation and Reporting

The Foundation is committed to an evaluation process that is clear, simple and focused on outcomes; respectful of organizations with different size, experience, values, beliefs and traditions; balances quantitative and qualitative methods; and creates a trusting environment for learning.

Reporting for Grants

A program officer will review reporting requirements and process with each grantee. The amount and type of reporting will vary based on different factors, commensurate with the scope and nature of the funded project.   
In completing a grant report process, please keep in mind: 

  • Focus on reporting the defined outcomes or deliverables of the grant.
  • Include a description of the strategies and activities used to achieve the outcomes or deliverables. Less is more: Be thorough and concise in presenting the information. Staff will reach out to you if additional information or documents are necessary.
  • Part of a grant being successful is being able to apply learning to future work. We consider learning what you would do more of (successes) equally important as what you would do less of or stop doing (not successful.)
  • Quantitative (data) is equally important as qualitative (stories) in this work. Please provide both when possible and appropriate.
  • Our reporting procedures are reviewed annually with an eye toward continuous improvement so feedback on our process is encouraged as part of your report.