Women's Leadership in Palliative Care

Empowered women empowering women.

By Naseem Attaran
Women's Leadership in Palliative Care
About 80% of the health care workforce is made up of women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But fewer than 20% hold key leadership roles, and for women of color, the numbers are significantly lower. 

To help women break through the structural and cultural barriers that prevent female representation in health care management roles will require intentional and systemic transformation.  In addition, women in leadership positions have the opportunity to pay it forward by identifying and helping lift up the next generation women leaders. 

Watch Sojourns® Scholars Rachelle Bernacki, MD, and Stephanie Harman, MD, discuss the work they are doing to support female clinicians within the field of palliative care.  Also, learn about their leadership in developing new models of care to enhance the clinical delivery of palliative care and opportunities for advanced care planning.

“This group has really invigorated me around the experience of leadership as a woman and challenged me to look at my own assumptions,” said Stephanie Harman, MD.