We Accept All Patients. We Always Have. We Always Will.

Idaho Primary Care Association (IDPCA) celebrates National Community Health Center week.

By Naseem Attaran
August is Community Health Center Month in Idaho. Additionally, National Community Health Center week is celebrated August 8-15. In recognition, we are proud to shine a light on Cambia Health Foundation grantee, Idaho Primary Care Association (IPCA) and its sixteen nonprofit community health centers (CHCs) providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality healhcare to all Idahoans.  Idaho CHCs are leaders in healthcare transformation.  For more than 50 years, Idaho’s community health centers have been delivering person-focused, economically sustainable, inclusive health care and all share our commitment to achieving health equity for all.
We Accept All Patients. We Always Have. We Always Will.

There are many factors to a person’s wellbeing. IPCA and its CHC’s aim to treat the health conditions in which people live, work and play. All the health centers practice patient centered care with a board-certified team which lives directly in the communities they serve and are committed to offering affordable care that improves the wellness of individuals and communities. 

All Idahoans looking to cut the cost of health care in their budget are welcome at community health centers. Find a community health center near you.

Cambia Health Foundation is proud to support innovation and increased access taking place at CHC's across our region.  In addition to Idaho Primary Care Association, we celebrate National Community Health Center week with Oregon Primary Care Association, Washington Association for Community Health, and Utah Association for Community Health.