Celebrating 15 years of impact

Since its founding in 2007, Cambia Health Foundation has invested over $110M to make our communities stronger and healthier.

Celebrating 15 years of impact

Since its founding in 2007, Cambia Health Foundation has invested over $110M to make our communities stronger and healthier. For 15 years, we’ve served as a change agent to transform health care by investing in partners that directly influence the overall well-being of the communities we serve.  

As we celebrate 15 years of Cambia Health Foundation, we also want to celebrate the individuals and organizations who have worked with us over the years, as well as Cambia employees whose contributions have helped create our culture of philanthropy. Together we are making a difference.  

Looking ahead to the next 15 years and beyond, we will build on our strengths and deepen our commitment to whole-person health so that everyone in our communities has the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible.   

Thank you. 

Celebrating 15 years of Cambia Health Foundation

Celebrating 15 years of Cambia Health Foundation

“We are extremely grateful for the investments Cambia Health Foundation has made for behavioral health, especially for rural and frontier communities throughout the state of Idaho. These investments have allowed Idaho’s community health centers to deliver whole-person, comprehensive health care and needed resources to address mental health access and stigma in its communities. Cambia funding has been instrumental in the support of trainings, recruitment and retention efforts, telehealth expansion, statewide behavioral health integration, and partnerships with higher educational institutions.  Cambia’s investments in Idaho’s health centers have and will continue to show tangible impacts that will be felt throughout the state.”  David Garrett – CEO, Idaho Community Health Center Association 

“Cambia Health Foundation is a valued partner in creating a behavioral health system that works for everyone – less complex and easier to use for the public.  Our partnership is creating new clinical teams, supporting peer counselors, and striving to ensure diversity so our staff reflects the communities we serve.” Michelle McDaniel - CEO, Crisis Connections 

“We value our work with Cambia Health Foundation because it centers the voice of the individuals and families that we and our community health centers serve.  Our shared goals of achieving equity have allowed us to develop specific plans to design and implement policies and programs that support health and eliminate avoidable differences in health outcomes experienced by people who are often disadvantaged or underserved.” Bob A. Marsalli – CEO, Washington Association for Community Health 

“The investment [from Cambia Health Foundation] in this work is creating a significant positive change for our community. It’s as simple as that. Our staff sees people in need every day, and with this funding we’ll be able to address community needs for connection and resources like never before. We’re so grateful.” - Brenda Johnson, CEO of La Clinica in Medford, OR