Cambia Health Foundation and Moab Regional Hospital Expand Access to Youth-Focused Behavioral Health Services

Cambia Health Foundation and Moab Regional Hospital Expand Access to Youth-Focused Behavioral Health Services
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Portland, Ore. and Moab, Utah – Moab Regional Hospital, Moab, Utah, is excited to announce a partnership with Cambia Health Foundation to support the integration of behavioral health care into the primary care practices. With the support of $124,000 from Cambia Health Foundation, Moab Regional Hospital (MRH) will work to streamline the continuum of care for local youth and adolescents who may need support or treatment for a mental health concern.
Over the next two years, MRH will implement the Grand County Youth Behavioral Health & Primary Care Integration Project to develop a system for primary care physicians to more easily and accurately identify pediatric patients who may be struggling with a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety. The project will also establish a clinic Care Manager position, a licensed Clinical Therapist or Counselor for primary care physicians at Moab Regional Hospital and Moab Family Medicine to consult during the patient visit to provide the patient with immediate support. The project will also provide Trauma Sensitive Care training for physicians and medical staff that will provide education on how to support and direct care for patients who have experienced trauma at a young age.
“Cambia Health Foundation is pleased to support efforts that offer accessible behavioral health support to young people,” said Cambia Health Foundation Board Member Jennifer Danielson. “This work is in the best interest of our kids, their families, and our communities.”
The Grand County Youth Behavioral Health & Primary Care Integration Project was developed in response to the Utah Student Health and Risk Prevention survey used in the Grand County schools. In 2013, the SHARP survey revealed that 21% of Grand County students reported a need for mental health treatment, and 18% of students had seriously considered suicide. Both percentages were higher than the Utah state average. The survey also indicated that Grand County students had high scores in risk factor categories of 'Early initiation of anti-social behavior (ASB), 'Rewards for ASB', as well as attitudes favorable to drug use. Individuals who struggle with mental health issues are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and are also at a higher risk for developing chronic illnesses later in life.
Moab Regional Hospital sees a need to more efficiently and effectively identify these at-risk children and youth. The hospital also recognizes that additional mental health support, in the form of coordinated care between mental health providers and physicians, will be needed in the clinical setting to provide the proper care for these identified patients. The ultimate goal of this project is to use technology, collaborative care and evidence-based education to foster a community attitude towards mental health that is proactive, supportive and in the best interest of the health of our kids.
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