Cambia Health Foundation Announces $400k in Grants to Build Resiliency Among Young Children and their Families

Cambia Health Foundation promotes equitable, whole-person health by addressing maternal health disparities and access to behavioral health care

PORTLAND, Ore. (December 20, 2022)Cambia Health Foundation is investing $400,000 to improve health outcomes for pregnant people, new parents and young children. Cambia’s grant partners are working to reduce maternal health disparities, increase behavioral health access or a combination of both. 

“These investments reflect Cambia Health Foundation’s commitment to advance equity through whole-person health in underserved communities by recognizing the interconnectedness of the physical, social and behavioral factors that influence a person’s overall health,” said Peggy Maguire, president of Cambia Health Foundation. “Early intervention builds resilience and improves long-term health outcomes for young children and their caregivers.”   

The Foundation’s grants support organizations that are working to address one or both of the following issues:  

  • Maternal health disparities: About 700 people die each year during pregnancy. Black women are three times more likely to suffer from pregnancy-related causes of death than white women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To address this critical health disparity, Cambia Health Foundation’s investment will support grantees and fund projects to reduce inequities in maternal and infant health across the Pacific Northwest.  
  • Inequitable access to behavioral health services: Maintenance of mental health for new mothers is especially important because 1 in 10 women report symptoms of major depression. Meanwhile, children with multiple adverse childhood experiences (traumatic events that impact their health and well-being) are more likely to develop mental health issues. Despite the urgent need for behavioral health care for new parents and young children, a number of barriers exist that prevent them from receiving the mental health care they need.  

Examples of projects funded with these grants include full integration of behavioral and emotional health for children and their families, early intervention and increasing the percentage of behavioral health providers who identify with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.  

Cambia Health Foundation is pleased to award funding to the following organizations: 

About Cambia Health Foundation  

Cambia Health Foundation is the corporate foundation of Cambia Health Solutions. Founded in 2007, the foundation has funded over $110 million in grants to advance patient- and family-centered care for all. We purposefully invest in ideas that expand access to behavioral health care to advance equity through whole-person health.  


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