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Project Archives - Idaho

Healthy Community Project in Idaho

Snake River Community Clinic in Idaho

The Snake River Community Clinic in Lewiston takes a roll-up-your-sleeves approach to health care. Here, where the closest medical facility is more than 100 miles away, the clinic’s volunteer doctors, nurses and pharmacists provide a much-needed service: quality health care that is free-of-charge to those who need it most. Since 2000, the clinic has served thousands of patients in north Idaho, southeast Washington and northeast Oregon.

In addition to basic medical care, clinic volunteers provide information and tools — such as chronic disease self-management classes — to help patients take charge of their own health, and education about appropriate use of the emergency room and other medical resources.

With a $10,000 grant from The Cambia Health Foundation, the Clinic will continue its important work.

Healthy Community Project in Garden City, Idaho

For many years, low-income residents of Garden City, Idaho had limited access to free or low-cost medical care. Garden City Community Clinic (GCCC) was the community’s only safety net provider, yet it was open just two evenings a week. This changed with a $129,408 grant from The Cambia Health Foundation, which helped to significantly expand primary medical care options for the area’s most vulnerable individuals.

Funding allowed a collaborative venture between GCCC and the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho (FMRI) to be established. As the largest medical provider for the uninsured and underinsured population in Ada County and Idaho’s largest single primary care Medicaid provider, FMRI had the capacity to expand into Garden City. However, it lacked clinic space—a space GCCC had. By joining together and deploying the grant, FMRI can support a physician assistant and nursing staff during the day in the GCCC space. It also subcontracts part of the grant to the clinic for rent and administrative costs. This expanded use of the facility helps subsidize GCCC’s free services in the evenings. The partnership has also allowed medical students to gain clinical experience in a vital family practice setting.