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26 February 2014

Cambia Health Foundation Helps Food Lifeline Deliver 1.3 Million Pounds of Fresh Produce to Washington Families

$200,000 grant funds more frequent, wider distribution of fruits and veggies throughout the state

Seattle, WA Nearly one in four children in Washington State lives in a family that struggles to put food on the table on a regular basis. Because their bodies and brains are developing, children are especially vulnerable age to the long-term effects of hunger. Lack of proper nourishment can affect children's health and force them to fall behind in virtually every way -- physically, behaviorally and academically.
With the support of a $200,000 grant from Cambia Health Foundation, Food Lifeline will be able to increase the volume and supply of nutritious food to children and families in Western Washington available to their agencies year-round, particularly fresh produce. Food Lifeline will launch the Nourishing Healthy Kids Produce Initiative, a two-year effort intended to improve children's health by offering families more fresh fruits and vegetables at their local food bank or meal program and through Food Lifeline's direct distribution programs.
Nourishing Healthy Kids will distribute 1.3 million pounds of fresh produce to underserved children and families in Western Washington. Food Lifeline currently sources one to two truckloads of fresh produce per month. The program will work with farmers and other produce distributors to bring in a truckload of produce a week, an increase of more than two million pounds of fresh produce annually. The additional produce will be distributed to children via their  programs that serve children and their families such as Meals for Minds, Mobile Food Pantry and all of their work to distribute healthy food to families in need.
“With the abundant supply of food on our farms and grocery shelves, communities have an opportunity to work together to create better access to healthy food for children and families who are in need in our communities. Cambia Health Foundation is pleased to join with Food Lifeline to address hunger in our community by providing our children with the good nutrition they need to get a healthy start on good long term health,” said Angela Hult, Executive Director of Cambia Health Foundation.
“Hunger is not about lack of food, it is about of lack of access. Nourishing Healthy Kids is designed to improve access to fresh foods for children and families in need, which has mutual benefit for both farmers who grow these foods, families and the community at large. We look forward to making our first deliveries in early 2014 to families in our community,” said Linda Nageotte, President and CEO of Food Lifeline.
About Food Lifeline
Food Lifeline stops people from going hungry by applying ingenuity to this largely logistical
problem. Our programs find creative ways to feed more families, including redirecting good
food that might have otherwise gone to waste; and our policy work defends the community’s
safety net and reduces barriers to people feeding themselves. Through it all we’re creating
sustainable ways to end hunger in Western Washington. Find out how you can be a part of ending hunger in Western Washington at
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